Admission Open for GCE A level for 2019. Click here.
What is GCE A-level programme?


GCE Advanced Level qualifications, known as the A-level, are one of the most recognized academic qualifications around the world. GCE has been offering A-level qualifications in more than seventy different subjects, for more than half a century, in about hundred and seventy countries. Students will have to choose their combination of at least four subjects from the lists including of General Paper, which is compulsory.

A-level course syllabus is divided into two parts. One is known as Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level syllabus. It covers the first half of the course. The other half is known as A2 syllabus. It covers the latter half of the course. A student undergoing full A-Level qualifications can appear either two separate examinations during the two years of preparation or sit for a final examination at the end of the two years. A-level examinations are conducted worldwide twice a year, during May/June and October/November.