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“Launched at the dawn of the new millennium in Pokhara, Cosmos College trains young students to become future leaders with a high level of confidence and professional competence. Its A-Level graduates have maintained outstanding academic and leadership abilities in Nepal and overseas. COSMOS, in efforts to prepare them as global citizens, is dedicated to transform consciousness of youngsters. It is consistently growing, and thus, making the Cambridge University A-Level education accessible to everyone.”

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Jham Gurung,Chairman

“Once inaccessible, the Cambridge University A-Level course is now in Pokhara, Nepal. Besides appropriate environment, we offer you platforms for leadership development and career building through a series of workshops, seminars, conferences, and sports events. Give us opportunities to educate you at COSMOS. Cosmos Group, a band of dynamic youths, meets your needs and expectations with the best education in your own region.”


Tej Gurung,Executive Director




“A-Level prepares young students to become competitive in higher education as well as the job market. Designing your future prosperous is the best of our interests: working with you as partners of education for the twenty-first century is the best of our missions. We prepare you for a real world to work as global citizens in the twenty-first century. Join COSMOS for an A-Level education to become strong candidates for higher studies in Europe, America and Australia.”


Chitra Gurung,Administrator



“We promise with renewed zeal and enthusiasm to support you in your plan to pursue higher studies as well as prospective careers.  At an effectively managed college, we facilitate you to generate knowledge and equip you with sound academic and communicative skills. Our flexible programmes in science and non-science streams give you strong credentials required for higher studies, and thus, work efficiently in the real field.”



Mr. Bharat Gurung, Academic Coordinator