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Placements and Abroad Studies



Cosmos organizes a series of sessions for placements and further studies, including study abroad programs. Our instructors are always ready to support you to choose schools and apply for scholarships. We reassert our renewed conviction: your career safe with A-Level at Cosmos.



“Let me describe COSMOS in one word: wonderful. It not only made me a great learner but also a great potential leader. COSMOS knows that only academics cannot thrive a person’s life. At COSMOS, we expose students to various programs, lifestyle and leadership training. Recently COSMOS conducted leadership program, collaborating with SAS (Society of Aware Students) and another program whose chief guest was a Russian Cosmonate, Viadimir Dzhanibbekov. COSMOS not only made me an excellent student but also a person with a groundbraking record with 3A* s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. At this point, my confidence in the preparation for MBBS comes from COSMOS College.”


Santosh Pokhrel, A*A*A*A, June 2012


“College plays a vital role in an individual’s life. It is this time during which learners evolve into leaders and dreamers chance their potentials. Choosing a proper college is as important as choosing a proper life partner. The best thing I have felt about COSMOS is that it sincerely takes care of s. COMOS may be the only college in Pokhara valley where each and every student’s progress is recorded efficiently. Teachers are readily available to support you. I completed an A-Level degree. For I scored  3A* s in Physics, Maths and Chemistry. I am quite sure that wherever my future will be, it will be among the best.”


Raj Kumar Rana,A*A*A*A, June 2012



“Studying A-Level at Cosmos International College is an exciting mission. We students truly experience a transition between school and university lives. Subjects that college offers is in line with our interests and  knowledgewe students need for usto grews in order to progress into higher education. College offers excellent parental cares and never students need. If necessary, tutorials are arranged. College operates a monitoring system to keep track of students’ progress with their studies. “Education is for improving our lives in the world and leaving it better than we found it for our future generations.” This is what I have learnt after being a part of Cosmos family, and I’m proud to be one of those privilaged ones in the safe hand, within my college premises.”



Sostika Bajracharya,AS Non Science




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