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Why Choose A-level Programme?

Why Choose A-level Programme?

International Recognition

    • International A Level and AS Level have widespread international recognition as educational qualifications. This recognition is because:
    • International A and AS Level qualifications are recognised by colleges and universities as equivalent in value to UK A and AS Levels.
    • Higher grades at these levels can result in one full year of advanced standing or credit at colleges and universities in theUSA and Canada.
    • Good A and AS Level grades are vital for admission to all the world’s major English-speaking universities and many non-English-speaking universities.
    • A and AS Level are rigorous programmes that encourage high academic standards.   A and AS Levels have a high profile amongst English-medium international schools  around  the world
    • Flexibility
    • International A and AS Levels are very flexible course of studies. Schools can offer almost any combination of the wide choice of subjects available. Students have the freedom to select the subjects that are right for them � either follow a broad course of study, or specialise in a particular area.

International Relevance

    • International A and AS Level syllabuses have been created specifically for international students. The content of International A and AS Levels is carefully devised to suit the wide variety ofCambridge schools worldwide and avoid any cultural bias. The structure and administration of International A and AS Levels are also designed to meet the needs of schools and students around the world.


  • International A and AS Level examination sessions occur twice a year**, in June and November, with results issued in August and January respectively.
  • International A and AS Level use a wide range of assessment processes and techniques to supplement formal written examinations � orals, practicals, projects and coursework of differing types are all used in various subjects where they are the most effective and appropriate meansof measuring attainment.
    Some subjects are only available in June or November.

Reporting of achievement

    • Each subject that a Cambridge international student takes at AS/A Level receives a separately certificated grade. From 2010, the Cambridge International A Level will be reported on a grade scale from A* grade, awarded for the highest level of achievement, to E, indicating the minimum required performance. However, there is no A* grading in the certification of Cambridge International AS Levels, which will continue to run from Grade A to Grade E.

Performance Feedback

  • International AS Level provides valuable feedback on performance, identifying strengths and weaknesses prior to any final assessment. Taking the international AS Level examination part-way through the international A Level course provides feedback that students can use to set learning goals for the second half of the course. It can also provide students with the motivation and momentum to complete their programme of study.